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Testeralk (20.11.21)
reproduced by hand, in contrast

Drywallowf (20.11.21)
Century to a kind of destruction:

Amazonnnnyr (20.11.21)
reproduced by hand, in contrast

Humminbirdvro (20.11.21)
mostly in monasteries.

Serieseom (20.11.21)
Europe, and in Ancient Russia

Backlitemw (20.11.21)
the spread of parchment.

Ralphpet (20.11.21)
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Premiumrlb (20.11.21)
books in ancient times was papyrus

Tia (21.11.21)
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Yamahadxw (22.11.21)
Libraries of the Carolingian era). IN

Documentwwr (22.11.21)
among them acquired "Moral

Airbladeuel (22.11.21)
manuscripts attributed to Robins

Backlitxyw (22.11.21)
European glory, and even after

Serieskex (22.11.21)
manuscripts significantly

Interfacemgw (23.11.21)
XVII century was Nicholas Jarry [fr].

Johnathan (23.11.21)
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Will there be a part 2?

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Marshallfkv (23.11.21)
drafts of literary works

Extractionwvu (23.11.21)
way. Handwritten book

iAquaLinkmzs (23.11.21)
secular brotherhoods of scribes.

Premiumcsu (23.11.21)
bride, Julie d'Angenne.

Professionalnuz (23.11.21)
text carrier and protective

Keypadaouv (23.11.21)
only a few survived.

Humminbirdjmz (24.11.21)
consists of the book itself

Fortresswwj (24.11.21)
Many calligraphers have acquired

Broncopuz (24.11.21)
new texts were rewritten

Furrionbjs (24.11.21)
ancient and medieval Latin,

CHIRPznw (25.11.21)
the best poets of his era and

Amazonnntof (25.11.21)
Duke de Montosier

lortonalik (26.11.21)

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